hello every body . specially scott snake

i am an entry level developer in c# and i want to develop a barcode reader application in c#

i dont know how to do that.

plz help me in this project ..


every body

What kind of barcode reader? You can use a wasp barcode reader to scan barcodes and it will send the barcode data over via ps2/usb.

Or are you talking about OCR recognition of barcodes in image files? I use Atalasoft's barcode ocr library for image detection. They have a runtime royalty free license where most ocr library vendors don't.

hello scott.
actually i am very new to this barcode scanner world.
i want to develop an application (attendance system) which will use a thum reader which will be connected to computer via a usb cable. and another application which will track stock(Purchase and sale) via scanning the barcodes of the products.
so in both these applications i dont know how to start with barcodes and thumb reader. i have no device yet for thumb reading and barcode reading.
so plz help me from the start , i will be really thankfull to you .

Best regards.

A hardware barcode scanner will interpret the barcode for you and return a string. It's dead easy, just like reading from standard console input.

Hello every body.

ok , i will check with the barcode reader , but what about the thumb reader usually used in time and attendance systems. how to work with thumb reader or finger print reade.
plz help me with this step by step.
thx in advance to all.