Hi all,

I still encounter a problem in my project and i think i will go crazy soon. I use VS2008, .Net3.5.

So, I have an MDI application and for child forms I use a BaseForm(it's a simple form with a panel and 4 buttons) from which i inherit all the other forms I need.
The problem is that, from some unknown reason, on my inherited forms, if i add, from designer, any control, i cannot change its size with mouse's cursor (those arrows doesn't show, i can change the size only from control's properties). On my base form everything is nice and shiny, I can do everything i want with the controls.

For a better understanding, i upload my project and a picture with the problem.
If you have any idea, please reply. I got tired to start over a new project and see the same error.


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well it can happen sometime because of some virus in your system, or due to some memory problem....

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