Can someone please help me with this - it's driving me mad.

I have a very simple app (at the moment) that stores file names/paths and folder names/paths in an SQL database and displays them in a ListView and TreeView respectively. All fine and dandy.

I have an option to remove a file or folder from the appropriate database table and then recreate the associated list. The file update looks like this:

tbl_FilesAdapter.Delete(itemName, itemPath)

and it works perfectly. The folder update looks like this:

tbl_FolderAdapter.Delete(itemName, itemPath)

and utterly refuses to do anything.

I've checked and double checked the folder table adapter (even to the point of recreating it c/w Insert, Update and Delete commands) to no avail. Does anyone know why nothing is happening?

Thanks for looking,


Ok, so I've deleted the whole folder bit (table, binding source, table adapter et al) and rebuilt it from the ground up.

It now works perfectly. Go figure. (must have been a dodgy bit of code somewhere.)