I am using Linux, and I was looking for free source code ( Python) for speech recognition, I found "Speech" for Windows. I have tried to run it on Linux, I got errors of missing modules, I found most of them online but when I got this error: No Module named win32com.client I tried to find it but couldn't.

My question is, is there anyway to run this on Linux and what's the equivalent to this module in Linux ( what should I install to IDLE/python to import rather than win32com)

Another question, Do you guys know any place where I can find Python speech recognition code ??

Thanks in advance.

I would use a virtual machine with windows and python on it and install the win32 module. There's no good way to simply replace it.

Microsoft has invested a lot of effort into speech handling for their operating system. That's why Windows will blow Linux out of the water when it comes to media functionality.

Thanks but I don't see the virtual machine is an option here, cmusphinx I am trying to see what is in that package so far, thanks