Could anyone tell me, how to convert scancode to an equivalent ASCII char. in C language.


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Maybe I'm dumb - what's scancode?

It's the hardware code returned from a keyboard.
I used to have a mapping table somewhere but I doubt it would still be valid as it was for old XT keyboards (the ones with the function keys on the left side and no separate cursor keys).

Here's an article from Microsoft that might provide some help if you're writing for Windows: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/input/w2kscan-map.mspx

Thank you for your reply. I have seen the link what you mentioned. I was told by some other people too, that the only way is to map both by creating a table of scan code & ASCII codes. I am actually looking for the table , which is already created, so that I can use in my code.

I am working on Linux system, so I would like to know whether any such table existing with the Linux source.

Thank you.

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