Well, couple days ago I've red in some thread in daniweb, which I was thinking in a solution for it. So the problem is Linux has got the speech recognition, El Duke was trying to find something like windows speech recognition for Linux. As Mathhax0r and vagaseat said, there isn't anything yet. So I thought, this could be a big step for Linux and Python. Linux has been growing really quick, and most of them are programmers, this project would be quick to complete wit a lit bit of effort from a couple of programmers. I don't really know how it works, but this is my idea how it could work in Linux:

<The image is in the end of this post.>

The idea is make it work on Linux, and new ideas are always welcome. This can be a big project and a big step for Linux. We could start only with english to see if it works and then we could add other languages, but as I said before this will need a lot of programmers from all around the world. Tell me what you all think. Dan08

Yes, it would be a major project and much of the code would have to be written in C to get down to the low level sound access.

Should the code then be write in both languages? Well a lot of new users are actually asking a lot of stuff in that area, of the voice recognition... Well, in my opinion we should actually get started at least. Shall we post something in the C forum, I think a lot of programmers will have to actually join me, or this project will be rubbish. Tell me what you all think, I'm probably just trying to go a bit fast, and I'm wrong that's why I need your feedback. Thanks Dan08.