Hello, I'd like to get help for a database engine in Python. I know that there are loads of databases out there and I cannot create one which would be even near as good as SQL but I'd like to do it for getting a good understanding of databases and how they work. And also for fun. So I thought I could make it Excel-like (using rows and columns), with flat-file data storing, where a folder is a database and a table is a file in the folder.

I'd like you to give ideas, tell me which would be the best way to start, or post relating tutorials. Thanks in advance!

Our friend slate has made a good sugggestion. also look into:

Ouch, goofed it, was supposed to be a reply. vegaseat

Okay, they are cool, I've checked them both and read their wikis, but as I wrote, I'd like to write my own database, starting from zero.

You can always start a simple data base using a class for the structure. However a real database engine also needs to handle/control multiple client access and have some kind of query language..

Write one for SQLite,
It is easy due to zero-configuration. With MySQL/PostGreSQL/Oracle you need to add what Vega said above