This question is bugging me for past 3 months. I have no clue how to do it , though i am not programmer. But worse thing is coder who created software for me , got no clue.

I even launched this project of sending reg keys 4 times to 2 different freelance sites. I thought this should be easy job , but i got 0 bids.

Now , this is really strange , as obviously every software send reg keys. May be because my requirements are little different.

Hopefully , in here, someone can enlighten me how to do this or do it for me or teach my coder. If i wont get single solution from this forum , i'll be astonished as hell.

Anyway , first just let me tell you what i want to accomplish .

buyer come to my site , purchase software , then in member's area he should get reg key. There should be separate place in member's area , where user should put his name paypal id , hit give me info button and right there , 4 things should get displayed.

1) reg key to unlock software

2) one email id

3) email id's password

4) server id

Let me tell you how all these 4 things should be distributed

1) reg key - I am using orean's winlicense to encrypt my software

As , my website is based as per month membership, so reg keys are time sensitive and works for 30 days. So, after 30 days , user should get new reg key if system verifies that he paid via subscription.

2) email id and password - this is fixed , 99% time this wont change until buyer is paying , so every month these two things will be same. But in case buyer lost this email password , he should be able to retreive from this section. But sometime in 1% of cases we might need to change this email password, in that case we should be able to update it in database .

3) server id will also remain same , its just a value like , 99% of time this server will be same for all members, but we might need to change it in future .

My coder encrypted software using winlicense but he is clueless how to generate keys or distribute it.

There is a php script though with winlicense which their support told me to put on server. but i am clueless

can anyone help me in this? I am seriously frustrated right now , as noone know how to do this correct way , heck noone is responding lol.

so , can anyone guide me here? Atleast , teach my coder how to do it. I am willing to shell out some money if some noble soul is willing to sort this out for me.


common guys , i know this is easy stuff for you guys.