/*****in the book ive read, they gave me a code which will be placed in the .rss file as shown below...*****/

RESOURCE LISTBOX r_demo_listbox
flags = EAknListBoxSelectionList;
array_id = r_demo_listbox_items;

RESOURCE ARRAY r_demo_listbox_items
items =
LBUF { txt = "Item1"; },
LBUF { txt = "Item2"; },
LBUF { txt = "Item3"; }

/*******and then, they gave me a code wherein i dont know where to place it ************/

// create listbox instance CEikTextListBox* list = new (ELeave) CAknSingleStyleListBox();
// set container control
// initialize resource reader, passing resource id as parameter
TResourceReader rr;
iEikonEnv->CreateResourceReaderLC(rr, R_DEMO_LISTBOX);
// load and construct the resource
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // rr

/*** anyone who knows about this, please tell me where to place it and what shall i do next...im just a newbie:sad: ***/

what compiler and operating system? We can't tell you where to put that code because you didn't post enough code. Sorta difficult to see your program from where I'm setting :)

im using the microsoft visual studio .net 2003 and the symbian OS...

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