1) i have a group of data and equations that have been formulates in microsoft excel. Is it possible for VB to directly read my formula from excel or i have to copy the formula and place it in VB coding? how to code it?
2) can VB read my excel data and display it in the form of graph or pie chart coz i want to make my data more presentable. how to do it?
3) if i have a map for example, can i apply VB coding so as the output of my window interface can show the location should be choose by on sort of formulas?for example i have a series of equation and base on the data given it will show the correct or exact location in the maps.together with bearing if possible....

really appreciate for the responses ASAP..

2) can VB read my excel data:
you can see this link

1) Carefully!!! :) VB might be able to read the code but it will not be able to interpret it. It will just think it is a string. Then depending upon how you coded it in excel and what you coded in excel, you might be able to just cut-n-paste with very little modification.

3) VB can display a lot of different graphic formats and with some code and API you can increase the amount of formats it can handle. Then with either some built in functions or through the use of API's you can manipulate those graphics. Now, from the sounds of it you might want to look up some game tutorials as they do deal with some of those API's and graphics.

Good Luck