I'm writing a program that writes the Summary Information in the Properties dialog box for some files that I've created. In other words, when you right click on a file, click properties, and go to the summary tab, the fields such as: Title, Author, Category, and Comments should have some text written in them. I've found some code through internet searches on how to write to Title, Author, and Comments, but not the Category field. Anybody know why? It seems like there are property IDs for every field except the Category field. I'm programming with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

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Are you talking about the properties menu shown when you right-click a file in Windows Explorer? It will probably depend on the version of MS-Windows you are running. I am running Windows 7 and do not see a Category property. Attached is a picture of what I see. (As you can see there is no Summary tab).

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I couldn't figure it out either initially but he means when you open that same Properties window but for example with a Word document. You get all those fields in that context.

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Yes, I'm sorry, I didn't mention what type of file. I have some txt files saved in a folder and if you right click on them, you will get a properties option and a summary tab. I have been able to write properties of txt files just not the category field.

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