How can i extract the information as below from the input file and then show it in the messagebox? and can i show it as center alignment?

Adjustment Statistical Summary

Convergence Iterations = 2

Number of Stations = 36

Number of Observations = 128
Number of Unknowns = 70
Number of Redundant Obs = 58

Observation Count Sum Squares Error
of StdRes Factor
Distances 64 1.891 0.255
Az/Bearings 64 5.055 0.417

Total 128 6.946 0.346

Warning: The Chi-Square Test at 5.00% Level Exceeded Lower Bound
Lower/Upper Bounds (0.818/1.181)

I presume you know how to read text from a file, if not search for "read text from a file" in help

the code below uses a variation of select you may not have tried

Select Case True

which allows you to put a boolean expression in each Case statement.

Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
        Dim LineIn As String
        LineIn = ""

        'open and loop through file one line at a time reading line into variable LineIn
        'below is the code to extract the data you are interested in and display it in a 
        'series of labels on the form you have set up for the purpose
        Select Case True
            Case InStr("Convergence Iterations", LineIn) <> 0
                Label1.Text = LineIn
            Case InStr("Number of Stations", LineIn) <> 0
                Label2.Text = LineIn
                ' etc ...
        End Select

    End Sub

how can i use combobox to reterive data from sql database in

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