I must to do a program capable to order a vector of integers, and calculate the mean and median values of the vector.
Also the vector integers is initialized and has a fixed size of 20 elements, and the output data be made to the monitor.

This is for GAS.
I saw an example in the wiki but can not be that because my colleagues already are using.

Please, this is very important to make the chair at the university.
Can someone help me?

Thanks a lot.

> Please, this is very important to make the chair at the university.
Sure, and what makes you think you deserve it any more than someone who can do this assignment all by themselves?

And if you get there, what makes you think you're up for the job of tackling the next (and more difficult) problem?

#include <std_free_lunch.h>
Error code 0x0BADF00D - file not found

I've done the code, and is working "ld returned 1 exist status", but I can not even make the print to the screen. Shows nothing.

I answer that I prefer to ask for help, or a forum, or the teacher himself, and then get to see how it's done, rather than copy, which is certainly what many of my colleagues will do and then have it evaluated by.

> "ld returned 1 exist status"
This doesn't sound like it's working at all.

What else is your build log showing - unresolved symbols perhaps?

unfortunately not.
only show it to me at the command line and nothing else.

I am not able to make the print :(

if I could perhaps see what was going on ... but not this: (