I have a Win32 + OpenGL sort of graphics engine I wrote myself for a simulation software project (still in progress). The problem is that this software must also have a linux version.

Now this software is using MDI and Docking windows and what not so I am not using glut. To begin rendering, I simply pass the Device Context of the approperiate window to the engine and use wglMakeCurrent to allow OpenGL to draw.

My naive assumption is that gl* commands are recognised in Linux. Please correct me if i am wrong.

My question is therefore, what is the equivalent of device context in Linux system? Or more generally, how to prepare linux "windows" (or whatever it is called) for OpenGL commands?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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didn't you read this. It was the second google link hit

No, I didn't. I probably was searching for the wrong key words. I was looking for the "linux equivalent of device context".

Thanks for the link. =) It helps a lot. * off to reading *

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