I am very new at this and I tried to look it up on google and that didn't help so I was wondering (and I know that you have to use shapes, to use a flow chart) how do you make a flow chart. to be more spefic the shapes I need to use. What I am trying to do is make this into a flowchart.

1. Display the message "yvyivivcu" (not actually the message but you get the point)
2.what for the user to enter the information
3.display the message "yivuyc"
4. wait for the user to enter the customers info
5.subtract the information from the customers info
6.display the message that shows the customer credit

I am not asking you guys to do it all I am asking is how or at least give me a website to show me how to do it, because I have an idea on how to do it all I am confused on the shapes that I need to use

Did you try googling "flow charts" or "flow charting"? There are a bunch of links and most of them have the symbols. Happy hunting.

Is a connector required before an arrow?