Hi , I am in a big trouble , I am student ( electrical engineering ) in freshman year who has a course in c . I need your help in writing my project which is going to be submitted on Saturday 23 Jan and I am not familier with programming, The only programming software I dealt with is visual basic. So any one can help me , I really need your reply to my thread as soon as possible,


1.) Find some tutorials on the web (read and reread the 'Starting C' sticky thread in this forum

2.) Get a book with lots of examples

3.) After you've started writing some code, post back with your attempt and people will be able to help you

I always find it hard to believe that they would expect you to do a project in a class after not covering any of the material in the course.

In any case, those are your deadlines and the burden is on you to get what you need to achieve your goal.

If you are taking a C course you should already have a textbook and notes from class lectures. C programming is not a course that you can study in one evening and expect to get a passing grade. It requires a tremendous amount of time and effort.

the problem that I come to the lectures and going out from them as if nothing came inside my head.

I guess when you retake the course next term you'll have to ask a lot more questions and seek clarification.

Well, to reiterate no one is going to just hand you a project.

Start looking at examples of code out there on the net. Try to recreate some of the simpler ones and see how far you get. AncientDragon is 1000% correct though, it's a mighty push to learn the basics of C in an entire term let alone 3 days.

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