hi all,

I want to run vb program through vb.net program is this possible in vb.net and i want to show output in some container.
In VB it is possible through Shell command but it runs the program seperately but i want to run program through vb.net and want output in some type of contianer in vb.net not seperately.

thanks in advance.


Re: Want to run vb prg in vb.net 80 80

I think it is possible using Process.Start("Path"). Try this Class. Also you can get the output of the Executed program as well.

Re: Want to run vb prg in vb.net 80 80

yes it is running using Process.start() but it is same as Shell command in Vb, it starts application as a seperate application but i want output in some type of container like suppose i have panel in my program than i want output of that exe in that panel not as a seperate application.

Is it possible if yes then how?

Thanks for ur support.


Re: Want to run vb prg in vb.net 80 80

I am not clear. Are you want your program should execute an exe and the output of the exe should be in panel ?

For example: You want to run java.exe command and the Output (Compiler result) should be in your panel.

If so, these can be done through the Process class.

Re: Want to run vb prg in vb.net 80 80

Actually what i want is suppose i have one program in which is created in vb, suppose Calcultor program and i want the output of that prg that is window of calculator in vb.net panel but when i use process class it executed the program as a seperate program not in the vb.net program suppose i have mdi form in vb.net then after selecting one of menu option i run exe of calculator prg. then i want output in mdi form only.

Is it possible ?

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