hi all,

I want to run vb program through vb.net program is this possible in vb.net and i want to show output in some container.
In VB it is possible through Shell command but it runs the program seperately but i want to run program through vb.net and want output in some type of contianer in vb.net not seperately.

thanks in advance.


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I think it is possible using Process.Start("Path"). Try this Class. Also you can get the output of the Executed program as well.


yes it is running using Process.start() but it is same as Shell command in Vb, it starts application as a seperate application but i want output in some type of container like suppose i have panel in my program than i want output of that exe in that panel not as a seperate application.

Is it possible if yes then how?

Thanks for ur support.



I am not clear. Are you want your program should execute an exe and the output of the exe should be in panel ?

For example: You want to run java.exe command and the Output (Compiler result) should be in your panel.

If so, these can be done through the Process class.


Actually what i want is suppose i have one program in which is created in vb, suppose Calcultor program and i want the output of that prg that is window of calculator in vb.net panel but when i use process class it executed the program as a seperate program not in the vb.net program suppose i have mdi form in vb.net then after selecting one of menu option i run exe of calculator prg. then i want output in mdi form only.

Is it possible ?

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