First off thanks to all the members of daniweb for all there help and support, they've been fantastic. I'm on the last stage of my program and i need a little more help.

I am using binary serialization to save information, i don't want to use xml because frankly it looks a lot harder.

My problem is i want to incorporated a search bar to search m serialized files however i see no other way to do this then by deserializing all the files and look for keywords. Does anyone have a more efficient way of doing this?

Thanks wingers1290. On behalf of all of daniweb members, we appreciate your feedback.

I recommend custom serialization (BinaryReader and BinaryWriter) instead of BinaryFormatter. If your data is complex, high in quantity or you need to query it locally then object databases might be a valid option. I'd suggest looking at Db4o.

Thanks for your response, i've decided to use databases now, its more complex but a lot easier to search and store information.