Hello Good people,am not so sure if this should go here,i am student who is interested in developing a search engine that indexes pages from my country.I have been doing my research on Algorithm to use for sometime now and i have found HITS and PageRank as the best out there.I have choosing to go with PageRank since it is more stable than the HITS Algorithm(so i read).

I have found countless articles and university researches about PageRank but my problem is that i do not understand most of the mathematical symbols that form the algorithm in this papers.Currently,i cannot understand how the Google Matrix(the irreducible,stochastic matrix) was calculated with the algorithm,i do not seem to understand the Algorithm used.

I did my reading from the articles below:


Please i need you to help me go through it,i need a basic explanation(examples will be nice) with less mathematical symbols.

Thanks in advance.

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21 views and no asnswer? Please helpppppppppp

21 views and no asnswer?

Perhaps that's because you posted in the C++ forum, but your question has nothing to do with C++?

Please i need you to help me go through it,i need a basic explanation(examples will be nice) with less mathematical symbols.

Why do you think that's even possible? Did it ever occur to you that in order to write a search-algorithm, you will require some level of mathematic knowledge?

Do you have a specific question you want to ask? Because at the moment you sound like a 15 year old script-kiddie, who wants to become a "L33T-hoaxer" overnight and is frustrated because no-one replied in the first hour (!) of his thread.
Please, prove me wrong.


Please helpppppppppp

It appears your 'p' key is stuck. You can buy a new keyboard here :icon_wink:

I do not see what is wrong with my question.Fine,i was expecting quick answers.I only wanted an explanation on how the G matrix was derived from the formula.

Thanks anyway,nice forum

Google's page ranking is therotically based on the inlinks and outlinks of a page. If a page having higher page has an outlink to your page..that means your page has higher page rank.
The basic formula applied here is PR(B) = (1-d) + d x ( PR(A1) / N(A1) + ... + PR(An) / N(An) ).(http://www.webrankinfo.com/english/pagerank/)..
Once you clearly understand the theory...u can put it into practical in which ever language u want(c,c++,c#..)

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