I’m here because my best buddy has told me to go into forum do discussed with people and reach to your resolution. I've downloaded ucertify java test software, next month mye xam will go. Less time, the TestKit provides 5 full-length exam simulations, containing 285 questions, 150 pop quiz questions and above 85 comprehensive study notes. Highly customized and randomized tests are also available to adapt the TestKit according to the needs of a specific user. Lots of questions mor than 350 are there and free questions i solved were too tough and tricky. Suggest me what other resources should i need to have?

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(s)he's need an exam in advanced gobbledegook to understand your post. Not that I understood much of it, except the words "exam", "course", and "studying"...


The bad thing is you write(at least you should) with more clarity than you speak. So just imagine them in a conversation.

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