I have this assignment can anyone solve it?
THe programme statement is

Problem Statement: Suppose we have a class named as Train it has two constructors, two methods, and a single attribute each of which described as follows:·
One attribute:maxSpeed – an int value representing the maximum speed of the Train object.
Note: Train speed of modern Trains may be something like 250 km per hour, so a value you could use for testing purposes is 250.· Two constructors:
A default constructor: A constructor that initializes the attribute ms where ms is the maxSpeed.
An overloaded constructor: A constructor that takes ms as an argument, where ms is the maxSpeed.·
Two methods:
() – return the maxSpeed value associated with the Train object.
setMaxSpeed(ms) – change the maxSpeed value associated with the Train object, where ms is the new value. ·
Display the value through default constructor and overloaded constructor.·
Display setter value through main function.

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We do not do other people's assignment. If you try to do it on your own and get stuck then you can post the code here and ask specific questions about the problems you are facing. That's the way it works.



> I have this assignment can anyone solve it?
I reject your reality (where you can expect free homework on a plate)
> Substitute your post contents into this reply.
and substitute my own (where you have to at least make an effort yourself)



Where have you been during the course of C++? I'm seeing you submitting this assignment on various web forums and asking to solve it. I've already completed and submitted the assignment to VU. It is not difficult and even a newbie can complete it. It is even easier than the assignment of 'Expense Class' we've had before. Virtual University is already going down in job market - so kindly don't be the reason of its fall please.

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