In vb6 I would like to display the contents of long message
in more than one line.
When I use the following command the entire message
display in single line only thereby making the message box long

The command that I am using is as under
msgbox " abcd abcd abcd abcd abck abcd .xxxxxxxxxxxxxx..........."

Pl help me
( kehar)

Hi, try this one

MsgBox ("aaa" & vbCr & "aaA")

hope it helps...

Its so simple.Use the folowing


MsgBox " abcd abcd abcd abcd" & Chr(13) & "abckabcd "&chr(13)&".xxxxxxxxxxxxxx..........."

chr(13) functions like pressing Enter key from the key board.So ur text is in multiple lines now.

you can pretty much do what riju_sh02 said, but you could replace chr(13) with vbnewline. The constant is pretty much just a chr(10) and chr(13) (crlf, you can use vbcrlf too)

and just to explain

vbcrlf----stands for---VisualBasicCarriageReturnLineFeed.

even though a bit long, i hope that is quiet easy to undestand .