Hi all,

I am using a TQuery to do a select * from a table. I have a PC with a very large database, using SQL express 2008 SP1 10.0.2531.0. Through the SQL management studio interface, I can see that my table has 7 million records. The result of the Select * from my table returns 2 million records instead of 7 million. This PC is XP pro, 4 gig of ram.

Using SQL management studio, I backed up the complete database, and re-attached it on another PC using same SQL express 2008 server. Using the same TQuery and doing the same Select * from the table, I see the 7 million records! This PC is Windows 7, 64bits.

I don't understand why the first PC does not show all the records when doing the SELECT.

Any help appreciated!

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May be the initial database is corrupt, and a cicle of backup-restore fix it, so the resulting database can access asll the records, while the first one can't.

Try deleting the indexes, then re-creating them again (or reconstruct it if such an option is on your database manager).

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