i have been using the wxPython TimeCtrl for a while now, when fiddling with it i realised that it would never go to 10:00 AM.. It would always just skip to 11 o'clock. I found it still did this in the wxpython demo. I was wondering if this was an issue with my install of wxpython, or if it was because of having windows 7..

Anyways, help would be great, i can't seem to find anyone else with this issue though, so it might just be an isolated issue :)


Re: Time Ctrl issues wxpython 80 80

Must be Windows7, works fine with Windows XP.

Re: Time Ctrl issues wxpython 80 80

Hmm... So anyone with windows 7 good to try this out and see if it is just on my computer or if it is a bug that happens with windows 7?

Re: Time Ctrl issues wxpython 80 80

If it's a bug with Windows 7, maybe you have to wait until they release Windows 7.1

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