Hello guys. I'm new here.

I've got a problem with a CLR Windows Form Application. I've started to make Mendeleev Table , and i almost finished it.

Here's a screenshot: http://files.uploadffs.com/d/8/9b468fc8/screenshot.PNG

I've tested it on my computer ( Debug ; starting .exe ; etc. ) , it works , but when i send it to 3 friends ( one with OS Windows 7 and 2 guys with OS Windows XP ) they recived a error ( This application has failed. Reinstalling the application can solve this problem ) -> or something like this.

I tryed to compile the project STATIC. ( Project - "Project" Proprietes - Configuration Proprietes - C/C++ - Code Generation - Runtime Library : Multi-threaded Debug (/MTd) , but no way

---- Build started: Project: Mendelev, Configuration: Debug Win32 ----
cl : Command line error D8016 : '/MTd' and '/clr:pure' command-line options are incompatible

So guys , can you help me to make my project to works on any computer ?

Thanks :-/

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You have to Package the program, not just compile it. This will set up a distribution package that includes all the other files the .exe needs in order to run.


I've solved the problem with C Sharp ( C# ). It works perfectly.

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