I have written a Rockband Drum kit app that lets you use the Rockband Drum kit with your PC as a drum synthesizer. It has 30 Drum wav sounds and can also be used to play sound through MIDI as well, working on MIDI recording and a loopback driver to use it as a MIDI input but all that aside.

I only have access to the Playstation2/3 Rockband drum kit. I don't want to go the route of having the user's set up the button mapping. I have it automapped for my Drum Kit, but I need to know the "title" of each controller and the button index of each pad.

EX: my Rockband ps2/3 controler specs are
title: Harmonix Drum Kit for PlayStation(R)3
red pad is 2, yellow 3, blue 0, green 1, ect. ect.

what I need?
I need that info for the RockBand drum kit for Xbox360 and wii, the Guitar hero drum kit for xBox360 and wii and also any 3rd party drum kits for any of the systems so I can integrate them as well.

Thanks, the app is working great so far even has graphical representation of the pads on screen that flash when they are struck. I have written A LOT of apps, but this is the first one that I am really going to take all the way to the end.

I can't really help with the info that you need, but I must say that sounds like one awesome app! Best of luck

I cant help too but your app sounds like one hell of an app

Best of luck

Thanks, I keep getting distracted using it when i should be working on it.

Hopefully I will get some help here but I might just go the route of having it auto detect the pads I can get the info on and then for all other game controllers have a configuration to let the user's set up which button goes where.

And of course, when i finish the app I will post a link here. People are gonging to want to try this, I can't get enough of it.

Have you made further progress?
I think the idea is really brilliant.

I have it completely functional for the Wired USB PS2/3 Rockband drumkit. The wireless for PS3 and the Xbox versions I have yet to get information on So It just doesn't recognize them, I plan to put a choose controller / configure pads form that will let you use any HID compatible game controller but I have just been busy.

Current Features
+Dynamically loads WAV files from the drum sounds folder to allow easy addition of new drum sounds.
+Configurable Metronome
+Graphical representation of the drum kit with pad hit animation.
+Configurable drum sounds per pad.
+Much more only partially implemented.

This is a big priority of mine, but for the next week or so I am working on A program that is to be sold to a factory for testing equipment. So I kinda have to push this aside for a short while.

Any progress in your awesome project?

I've been really busy with work, But I have gotten a snazzy interface, the ability to add more sounds easily, a metronome, and a reliable quality experience using it. But it currently only works with wired ps2/ps3 rockband drum kits. If anyone is interested in this as it is. I can release a daniweb exclusive beta.

I've been really busy with work, But I have gotten a snazzy interface, the ability to add more sounds easily, a metronome, and a reliable quality experience using it. But it currently only works with wired ps2/ps3 rockband drum kits. If anyone is interested in this as it is. I can release a daniweb exclusive beta.

I am really interested in a beta.
I've got the Ps3 RB-Drumkit, so it is no problem for me to test your software.

Here is a PRE-BETA Release for those who are interested in the project. I Don't have all the profiles I need for the different drum kits. But I do have the graphics made for the Guitar Hero drum kit. Once I have more done I will set up a site for the project. This version works without a drum kit. you can click onscreen drum kit and simulate the effect. If you have the ps2/ps3 wired drumkit. just plug it into the usb port and click the getdrums button in the lower left of the app window. The bottom right of the app window has a play button with a enumeration of the midi drum channel. This will play midi drum channel sounds. the drum kit its self doesn't I tried but there was a delay that the midi api caused that wasn't conducive with a drums speed. So for now its disabled. Possible will be used in the full version. The metronome icon can be clicked to start the metronome and the slider or updown box can be used to adjust the bpm.

This is in no way an official release. This is just to show my progress and build interest in the project.

Suggestions and criticism accepted happily. Please note that many features are already slated to be included. This just takes time, and time is something we all have a very limited amount of. Hope you guys like it. don't be too harsh :)

Um, doesn't work for me. Also, where's the source?

It's NOT open source. This is just a project I've
been working on.

And it only works with the
non-wireless ps2/3 rockband drum kit.

Also it is a X86 build. 64 bit has some
issues with the direct x I'm using.

Wich raises another point. It requires direct

This program has been moved to open source and is located on GitHub.com

Hi D-Drake,
it's been a long time since i was last logged in on daniweb.
I moved into a bigger city and had no internet for month, but i played a lot of Rockband DK! You realy saved my ass, because it was not possible for me to bring my real drumkit into my new small apartment.
I am amazed to read, that you posted your code on Github, althaugh i think, it means, that you stopped developing for this project.

I was browsing a littlebit on Github, but was unable to find your files.
I want to further develop the software for my own well being and try to convert it to a x64 state, which would make live much easier for me. While playing (testing) for the last few month i made a list of features i want to implement.
Can you please tell me, how to find your files on github?

I again want to thank you for your great work. It is amazing with how little latency your code works even on crappy onboard soundcards.

I spent a lot of time working on tightening the delay. The sound files are buffered into memory when the program opens so it doesn't use the disk the sound is played from a separate thread using a free lib I had found. I'm glad you liked it. I am still developing it, but I have been a bit busy and unable to work on it. I just moved myself. I believe that you must be a member of got hub to access files and you must use the "git" software available on the
Site to ssh it to a local source. I put a Lot of time into it and I just put it on github so people could find it, I didn't want my work to be in vane.

Feel free to add me as a friend on github and then you can branch my repository and it will build a file history tree showing your changes as a child of my original project.

Again, I'm really glad you liked it. I drove my GF crazy testing it.

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