Hi actually we r building a project based on mobiles so can any1 suggest me one efficient mobile simulator built on java..

They are called emulators and used for basic testing of application developed with Java Microedition (JME) or any other language involved in mobile development. If you want to get some info on JME emulators read this

tx a lot ..but i need emulator jus to replace mobile in our project...here v need to send info 4m one sys to other as sms n store t in other sys so pls help me out to carry out ds feature

Repeat what ever you said in proper English. Chat speak/talk is not welcome

k..actually i need emulator just to replace mobile in our project..like emulator in one system must act as mobile which sends sms to other system n store d dat in dat system..so can u guide me emulator for this purpose..n m sorry used local english used 4 sms here..

Any of the emulators is capable of above, however for SMS you will need gateway provider. Do a search on it in Java section as there been previously replies to such questions.