Hello sir..
I am talking about the skype password.
Actually I have made some accounts on skype...
I have got the location of password stored in the encrypted form.
And that location is..at a credential2 tag in xml file which is C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Skype\skype_username\config.xml. As far as I know it use rijndael 256bit aes algorithm.. now I have password in both forms( encrypted form and plain form)..but I am serching for the code that will make it possible for me that take any encrypted key as input and give me simple password as output.. and somebodies say that thay r nt hackers then y m asking to them.
Then plz its doesnt related to hacking..its completely diff. From hacking..i generally want to make a code to make a tool for skype.its very urgent.so plz help me.i will thankfull to u.i will definitely help u what ever I can if u ever go through any problem.

Anurag singla

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commented: You just want to crack passwords. Claiming you want to make a tool for Skype is just plain lying. -2

You just wasting your and our time. Skype spent millions of hours and pounds/dollars to develop their application and they not gone give you decryption algorithm...

yar one skype password ercovery software has been made that means there is some algo that some company used to decrypt the skype password..

You do realise that what you want to do is a violation of the law, and that asking for it here is violation of the terms of service of this site?

and that asking for it here is violation of the terms of service of this site?

Correct, closed.