I am going to write a game with QT but i dont know how to start.
Give me a tutorial for QT please.

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Sure. Try this

Give me a tutorial

This is very demanding and bordering on rude.

Despite that I (more than wholeheartedly) agree with WaltP's sentiment I still wanted to plug a book that I really liked which was this. It's also legitimately free which is nice.

I got excited for a chance to share my love of Qt. Then I saw what the OP wrote... I don't know that he meant to be rude. Perhaps it is a language barrier thing? He did say please....

Anyway, your questions for this forum need to be specific and they need to show that you've tried on your own already. I suggest that before you try to write a game, you should try to write a "Hello World" dialog. You've got a lot of learning to do before you try to hook into OpenGL with the QGraphics* model/view.

Should I share my love for wxWidgets?
Yes if you are starting GUI (which you didn't gave a clue) then give wx a chance and try it. Its vast Documentation, immense help (almost instant), and many advantages over QT.

IF you still want to go for QT then I second the choice to grab QT books. I have it though I don't use QT (Just there in case I need it)

Im so sorry if i bottered you english is not my mothertongue so i may make some mistakes.(Im a girl)

It's just something to keep in mind. No permanent harm done. I would look and see if Qt has any translated manuals anywhere (Google is still your friend in that case). Start simple as Qt is a very complicated system (it has a lot more to offer than just the GUI building aspect) and build your way up.

Im so sorry if i bottered you english is not my mothertongue so i may make some mistakes

No problem

.(Im a girl)


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