I'm running Eclipse for Java. I created a DOM version of an XML file. Now I want to change an attribute of an element in the file. I called a method that called a method in the class that controls the DOM, and I got a dialog box saying "JDI Thread Evaluations has encountered a problem. Exception processing async thread queue" while debugging.

I'm a relative newbie at Java and have not come across such an error, and I have no idea what's causing it.

If anyone has any suggestions as to the cause of the problem and/or ways to fix it ...

Thanks so much!

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From java documentation,

The Java Debug Interface (JDI) is a high level Java API providing information useful for debuggers and similiar systems needing access to the running state of a (usually remote) virtual machine.

The JDI provides introspective access to a running virtual machine's state, Class, Array, Interface, and primitive types, and instances of those types.

The JDI also provides explicit control over a virtual machine's execution. The ability to suspend and resume threads, and to set breakpoints, watchpoints, ... Notification of exceptions, class loading, thread creation... The ability to inspect a suspended thread's state, local variables, stack backtrace...

So you can see there are number of causes. Examine your code thoroughly and post exception trace here.

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There was no real stack trace. Strangely enough, when I ran it the next day, there were no issues.

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