I'm running Eclipse for Java. I created a DOM version of an XML file. Now I want to change an attribute of an element in the file. I called a method that called a method in the class that controls the DOM, and I got a dialog box saying "JDI Thread Evaluations has encountered a problem. Exception processing async thread queue" while debugging.

I'm a relative newbie at Java and have not come across such an error, and I have no idea what's causing it.

If anyone has any suggestions as to the cause of the problem and/or ways to fix it ...

Thanks so much!

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From java documentation,

The Java Debug Interface (JDI) is a high level Java API providing information useful for debuggers and similiar systems needing access to the running state of a (usually remote) virtual machine.

The JDI provides introspective access to a running virtual machine's state, Class, Array, Interface, and primitive types, and instances of those types.

The JDI also provides explicit control over a virtual machine's execution. The ability to suspend and resume threads, and to set breakpoints, watchpoints, ... Notification of exceptions, class loading, thread creation... The ability to inspect a suspended thread's state, local variables, stack backtrace...

So you can see there are number of causes. Examine your code thoroughly and post exception trace here.

There was no real stack trace. Strangely enough, when I ran it the next day, there were no issues.

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