I would like to compile and run a program from the command line.

I know that I should type:

csc MyProg.cs

in the Visual Studio Command Prompt, but I don't know how to add the fact that I want to "link"/"connect" the Library folder to the program. I was given the source code in an assignment to time the compilation/execution, but I can't even get it compiled... :-(

Here is the beginning of the program to show you what I mean:

using Library;

class Queens {
  static int solutions;

  static void DisplaySolution(int[] x, int n) {
  // Display one solution to the N queens problem
    int i = 1;
    while (i <= n) {

The IO.Write needs the Library folder which contains the following files: InFile.cs, IO.cs, IO.dll, Library.cs, Library.dll,OutFile.cs,SymSet.cs .
Though I am not sure what files are actually used. Though, if I can just find out how to get it to compile from the command line, I think I will be able to manage the timing issues by myself. ;-)

I would appreciate your suggestions!