I am working on a little image program aimed at having a simple interface but a strong backend. Its mostly just for basic bulk settings and looping through files. but will allow for all the images to be loaded in a thumbnail strip and be able to be edited before all the actual work happens.

that's the setting, here's the question. Anyone have any interesting image manipulation snippets laying around? I'm not sure what all I am interested in seeing it do. I just know I want it to do more. It currently crops, flips horizontal and vertical, adjusts hue saturation and luminance and rotates.

I'm thinking maybe some white balance stuff or really any kind of suggestion or code snippet. I just want more options, I'm thinking about maybe a plug ins interface. but basic filter or image tricks would be nice for now.


Maybe consider this book http://issc.uj.ac.za/graphics/index.html
Full of C# code for image manipulation, but not for the faint of heart:ooh: I'm rather math oriented, but this one goes deep!
Perhaps look at Amazon for more explanation.

I have tons of image manipulation code laying around for some document imaging software I did but it uses paid third party libs :(

I pointed you to Paint.NET in a previous thread. Is that not what you wanted? The source is available for it and they have loads of plugins.

paint.net is awesome, but Its geared toward creating images, I am looking for photo optimization like things. Auto contrast/color , soften, burned edges, type things. I will look into paint.net to see how how they do things, but I was just asking incase someone had a great free library they would like to get used or some code snippets.

Im not into thirdparty paid stuff, I am actually hoping to go standalone with this one and not even have an installer for it. Thanks for the link dan but i'm awful at math. I have to draw things out on paper and hangout with a calculator when I am writing my controls, But I will look into it.


Bop powell is a cool guy and all, but his take on Contrast sucks. If anyone knows a good contrast matrix I would love to have it. I am going to play around and see what I can come up with. But just multiplying all the intensities results in a brighter image, not just a higher contrast image. arg.

And thanks for the link scott. I downloaded it. I will see what I can shift through. I am having some performance issues with my code. But I will be starting a new thread with that as soon as I get all my matrices sorted out.


after a few hours of research, I got the colormatix down, figured out a good matrix that performs accurate brightness and contrast in 1 pass. and i am working on more, When I finish the class i will likely post it on code project. however, I feel like I am a long way away, as I keep finding new problems with tackling a hugely pretentious project like this one.

Thanks guys!