hello friends
I have a large table which contains the large text data.
the table cell shows the value as
for example
if value is "Hello Friends" it shown in cell as "Hello Fr".
which cuts the value so want to display this complete value in rectangle like joptionpane (I don't know what it exactly called ).
when mouse is clicked on that cell and disappear after second click.
who can i do this the application is standalone and i am develop it with using swing.
plz help me.
thanx in advanced.
have a good day!

You're using JTable I assume?

See "setting and changing column widths" here
In particular, you might be interested in the section of text where it says, "For an example of setting cell widths based on an approximation of the space needed to draw the cells' contents, see the initColumnSizes method" (and then they give a link)

thanx for replay me.
But i don't want to set the column width of the table i want to show the cell value in joptionpane when i click on that cell or when i put mouse pointer on it.
for e.g suppose i click on the cell which showing the content 'Hello Fr' then the whole content of the cell is shown in joptionpane like 'Hello Friend' for more clearance if you are using mozila then put your mouse pointer on any open tab then you see the yellow box is appears showing the information of the tab. i want this kind of thing.
thanx you again and Have a good day!

your reply is very useful accidentally i can't see the link given in it ( coz i am new here :-) ) it solve my problem 99% i my table there is a column contents the large text data which i want to shown in new window contents a Jtextarea how can i do this help me on this topic.
thanx for giveing attention to me.