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I have put a tutorial on how to make a C++ Hello World application on my website! :cheesy:

enjoy! :cheesy:

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> First of all, open your C++ compiler.
This assumes that you're using an IDE and not a command line based compiler. For the latter you would open a text editor, and the compiler wouldn't be invoked until after the code was written.

> This code tells the program to include the IOSTREAM and CSTDLIB header files within the program.
What are these IOSTREAM and CSTDLIB things you're talking about? C++ is case sensitive, so you'll just be confusing the reader. The standard headers are also not required to be files, so 'header files' is a misnomer.

> This tells the program to use the STD Namespace.
That's the std namespace, not STD.

> A namespace creates a declarative region in which various program
> elements can be placed. Elements declared in one namespace are seperate
> from elements declared in another.
I don't think a beginner will really follow you on this one. ;)

> Using the STD Namespace simplifies access to the C Standard library (cstdlib).

> The COUT part, stands for console output.
Actually, it stands for character output. Many people mistake the c for meaning console because cout is almost always directed toward a screen device of some form, but it doesn't need to be.

> It simply prints the text "Hello, World!" on the screen.
So just typing this in will print the text? I don't have to do anything else? You neglected the part about actually compiling and then running the program. Are the double quotes printed? Be specific.

> The "\n" prints a newline.
What's a newline? Remember, your target audience is the absolute beginner.

> Finally, the system("pause") statement tells the program to pause
Wait, in the code it was system("PAUSE"). Is that a typo or can we use both forms? What does system do?

> And that's it!
Wait, what about return (0)? What about the braces? What does int mean and why is it in front of main? What are the () characters for after main? What's all this #include stuff anyway, and why are the names so wacky?

Your tutorial is very incomplete, and I would be dreadfully confused if I were a beginner.

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Thanks for that.. I see what u mean :o

But, having said that, I am a beginner myself so I suppose it's expected.

If you sign up for the forum you can post your own tutorials :mrgreen:


PS - I think a 'newline' is self explanatory.
PSS - I am 13 and this is my first try at a tutorial :rolleyes: :mrgreen:

Hey, the code is correct, so you're ahead of most of the tutorials on the web these days. ;)

Your site is bookmarked. I'll consider joining.

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lol thanks :lol:

Nice tutorial, great job

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