I need some help on a school project regarding visual basic. mind giving me some ideas on what mini project we can do ? Actually i got a ideas of making a pop3 portal because my school pop3 cilent looks sucky so our group intend to revamp them

Phat !

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Indeed. If you need help with understanding POP3, and how to work with it in VB, I have written a tutorial:
http://www.daniweb.com/tutorials/tutorial20424.html, which is really helpful. It doesn't go as far as I'd like (it only allows you to click "check mail" and it tells you the number of messages, but I have built a more elaborate version for personal use, that displays a notification window near the system tray, to alert me of the number of messages, and I'm working on a spam filter for it), but you might find it helpful.


Just a thought.
I think a fun project would be to create a "Simon" game, where you have colored buttons flash and allow the user to click them. I think it would also be somewhat challenging, but hey...just a thought.

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