Ok so i have a couple of Strings and Dates I'd like to use in making my reports. I can't seem to make it work. any help?

This was my latest failure.

SELECTCCIF_No, Date_Recieved, FROM serviceRS WHERE Date_Recieved >= '" & DateFrom & "' AND Date_Recieved <= '" & DateTo & "'

DateFrom and DateTo are Date type variables on VB side

umm. ill be using the textboxes' texts and other data to be used as parameters for my report. How do I do this. I'm completely stomped

If, those date fields are date fields and this is an access database you are trying to access, then the single ticks ( ' ) (plumbers crack) :) need to be replaced by the pound symbol (#)... (don't go there! :))

Good Luck

What I'm trying to do is use the variables (in VB) for my reports, but I just thought that I can't use alot of functions i have in filtering my DB.

My software is currently listing the Records i wanted to see on a report on a listbox. is there anyway i can import the list into the report? :)

uploaded a picture of what i want to happen. cheers! :D

Should be if you pass the proper query to the report...

Good Luck

Can you help me through it? How can I do this in SQL?

textbox.Text = Left(db.Recordset!ID, Len(textbox.Text))

That len in the left should contain something different that the desitination in itself...

As for helping you through it, you are creating it at runtime, or it looks like it from your query form there and what you want... You just need to follow the help files in creating your report...

Good Luck