I'm getting this error from this code. I never seen this before.

#include <cstdlib>
#include <string>
#include <iostream>
#include "../incl/rect.h"
#include "../incl/position.h"

using namespace std;

// function prototypes
void displayRectangleAttributes( const RectangleShape &r );
void displayRectangleAttributes( const RectangleShape &s );
string convert( const color &c );

int main()
    RectangleShape R( 4.0, 4.0, Blue, 2.0, 3.0 );
    displayRectangleAttributes( R );
    RectangleShape S( 6.0, 6.0, Red, 3.0, 2.0 );
    displayRectangleAttributes( S );
    system( "PAUSE" );
    return 0;

//  DisplayRectangleAttributes(): give a rectangle's vital characeristics
void displayRectangleAttributes( const RectangleShape &r )
void displayRectangleAttributes( const RectangleShape &s )

    // get position

    float rPositionX;
    float rPositionY;
    float sPositionX;
    float sPositionY;

    r.getPosition( rPositionX, rPositionY );
    s.getPosition( sPositionX, sPositionY );

    // get color

    color c;

    c = r.getColor();
    s = s.getColor();   // enum color version of color

    string rColor = convert(c);
       string sColor = convert(c);  // get string version of color

    // get size

    float rLength;
    float rWidth;
    float sLength;
    float sWidth;

    r.getSize(rLength, rWidth);
    s.getSize(sLength, sWidth);

    // display attributes

    cout << "Your " <<  rColor << " rectangle is centered at ("
     << rPositionX << "," << rPositionY << ")  with length " << rLength
     << " and width " << rWidth << endl;
     cout << "Your " <<  sColor << " rectangle is centered at ("
     << sPositionX << "," << sPositionY << ")  with length " << sLength
     << " and width " << sWidth << endl;

// Convert(): return enum-type color as a string

string convert(const color &c) {

    string s;

    switch (c) {
        case White:
            s = "white";   break;
        case Red:
            s = "red";     break;
        case Green:
            s = "green";   break;
        case Blue:
            s = "blue";    break;
        case Yellow:
            s = "yellow";  break;
        case Cyan:
            s = "cyan";    break;
        case Magenta:
            s = "magenta"; break;
            cerr << "Unexpected color request: ";

    return s;

This is a pice of a bigger code, my profesor always wants us to create programs in multiple files . I have problems visializing the programs in mulitple files do you guys also work in multiple files?

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>>I'm getting this error from this code
what line number contains the error ?

>> do you guys also work in multiple files?

Yes, my projects at work consist of several hundred files where the implementation code and header file of each c++ class are contained in their own files. This makes maintenance a lot easier than having all million lines of code in one file.


Probably just a typo, but there's no opening curly brace "{" for your function definition:

void displayRectangleAttributes(const RectangleShape &s)

And yes, I find it much easier to work with multiple files than trying to cram it all in one file...

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