Hey everyone, I want to start learning socket programming. Ay references and advices will be greatly appreciated!!

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What language, if any do you have experience in. What OS are you planning on using?

Internetworking with TCP/IP: Client-Server Programming and Applications by Douglas E. Comer and David L. Stevens is very good and will teach you the low level necessary to fully understand TCP/IP sockets programming.


The problem is with tutorials found on google, they are written by people who do not have a proper grasp or understanding on the subject, they skim over important information and don't have the real world experience to give real insight.

Oh yes I have to agree with you on that one. Tutorials are only useful in the short term, not meant to provide in-depth discussions of the topic. And often they can be outdated or flat-out wrong. Currently printed books (which sometimes give incorrect information) are preferred.


google will show you lots of information and tutorials

I've found google often to be useful for programming
1 - type the problem into google
2 - find a link to daniweb
3 - normally I find a post on the subject from ancient dragon

Sockets is something that if you are not making an assignment it is normally best to try to find code that you can reuse that has been implemented and tested elsewhere. Things perhaps to look into are topics such as web spiders and bots


What about this?

Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it, and thank you all for replying!

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