Hi could some one please help me with code for vb6.
I have started on a calculator for profit but a error "Overflow" keeps coming up here's the code im usin

dim number as integer
number1 = label1.caption
number= val(label2.caption)
label3.caption = number

Pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks iceman:rolleyes:

integers only support numbers up to about 30,000
you should use a different variable type such as "long"

Thanks Bro, Email me anytime 4 anything!!!!!!!!!

Iceman :)

ok so im guessing that fixed the problem then

also, please refrain from naming your posts "Help" or "computer wont start" or anything vague as most users will ignore theese - be more specific with your post titles e.g "VB calculator - overflow"

pls help me with calculator code for four basic operation:-/


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