Can anyone tell me how to execute a program like this, it is written, it compiles, my input and output word documents are both up and running and saved. What do I need to do to get my output document to show results from my program? Thanks.

you need to elaborate a bit more about the problem. dont understand it well.

Instead of using "cin" and entering data on the keyboard, my input stream is coming from a word document on my computer. Instead of using "cout" and having the program result appear in the black box, it will go to a different word document. My program compiles and everything but I don't understand how to execute the program. Pressing ctrl f5 only brings up a black empty box that I don't need. What I need is for the output to go to my output file.

There are potentially a few issues here.

If the document is up and running in word it may be locked as far as the file system is concerned (I have not tested this).

If you are trying to read from a Word document in text mode (as in from a .doc file from a recent Word release) instead it needs to be a binary read/write (unless you are doing word 2007, in which case it's in XML).

If you are simply trying process between (plain) text files leave them closed and let your program do the opening, closing, and creating of the new file.