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Install Flash Player,
Then under Toolbox, Right Click > Choose Items..
Select COM Components tab, Add Shockwave Flash Object..

Google for Shockwave Flash Object..

hope it helps..


>how to crete flash in vb.net 2008

You can't create flash in VB.NET. Take a look at post #3 to play flash movie (object).

but why, i can't understand??would you please elaborate why i can't create flash in vb. net 2008
and what do you mean about post # 3??
thanks in advance


> why i can't create flash in vb. net 2008

It is not a Adobe CSS tool (It's programming language).

>what do you mean about post # 3??

To play a flash object.


You can create your flash movie using Adobe Flash. Once you've created your movie, you can export it as an SWF (.swf format). The .swf can be dropped into your web page (I'm assuming that you're building a .aspx page using VB.Net, if not, you should provide more detail) using one of the methods described here.

Flash utilizes its own programming language called action script. It is totally different than VB.Net. Not to mention the graphics in Flash ... these must be created within Flash (using drawing tools or programmatically) or in another application (like Photoshop or Fireworks).

Hope this helps.

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