Hi friends,
I am developing a simple webcam accessing application, My aim to access one or more than a webcam over the Network or Internet,

How to do.??

I am stuck.. :(
Please Do help,

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Hi kashy,
Have you ever read the Rules and Regulations of Posting Thread? I remember something like Helpers will not provide full developed source code. You can tell us what you have done to resolve your problem. If you have Codes returning errors then you can also paste that code so that we may correct it.


The simplest way is to run a service on the computer with the webcam, i.e. a webserver, expose the camera through it and then connect to it via the ip address or you could use your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) and search for vb6 connect webcam, of which would have returned this result...


but that is in .net. However, further down my search you would have found this... http://www.shrinkwrapvb.com/

Good Luck

fiendz actually am completely new in VB so did nothing,

I found a liberary file for yahoo webcam upload and viewer,
I think it can help me,

If any related article which can help me about these liberary,
please do post,
I badly need,


yahoo web cam upload 1.0, ywcupl.dll
yahoo web cam viewer 1.0, ywcvwr.dll

any one help me to use these liberary files..???

Don't know about them/that but search for ezVidCap vb6...

Good Luck

I tried the ezVidCap

but the problem is it shows some error

" Module ezvidcap.ocx is loaded but call to dll server fails"

so missing ocx uccurs,

I put the OCX file in System32 and then try to regtr it

I found another very good thing,

Its VideoOcx and WebCamOcx but I cant use it very well,

If some onr knows about it

I found another very good thing,

Its VideoOcx and WebCamOcx but I cant use it very well,

If some onr knows about it

Well, I would say the first step should be to pick out a web cam that has some software available to use. I would suggest a low cost solution like X10's. Their free Software Development Kit works for VB6 and you can use theirs or some other X10 protocol compatible web cam.

If you want to do that, you'll probably find some more concrete help. Otherwise, let us know what web cam you currently have and we'll see what we can do.

Hi kashy,

Try see what i have downloaded from website. hope this will also help you. This source code was not made by me instead I have downloaded from Website when I was also just learning like you.


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