Hi, i am doing my mom's c++ for engineering class, and doing a project for her, i noticed something in the extra credit section of her project directions. it says to add graphics to represent what variables the users are entering. in this one, it is about beam deflection, and it says for extra credit to put a diagram of the beam and the parts labeled with the variables. How would i go about doing this?

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>>Hi, i am doing my mom's c++ for engineering class,and doing a project for her,
So you are helping your mom cheat??? Bad idea. Does she do your homework for you? (Probably not). How do you expect her to lean anything if you do her work for her. or do you expect to do that too?


her professor says i can help her :-P

Is your mom really taking an engineering course and you
are legit trying to help her? Its hard to believe, although its not
unbelievable. The reason I say is that, your mom is mature and
she would probably realize that, if she needed help, she would ask
the professor instead of asking her son/daughter. I could be wrong
but I suspect that this is for your own h.w. Sorry If i am wrong, but
you have to see where I am coming from.


Well, "help was an understatement" and anyway, can i get the help i need?

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