It's been a few months since I haven't been able to launch Codeblock's debugger, when I launch the debugger I always get this (example):

Adding source dir: C:\Users\Me\Desktop\L2\SDD\TP2\
Adding file: bin\Debug\TP2.exe
Starting debugger:

I have tried:

  • Reinstalling
  • Reinstalling (uninstall done using Revo Uninstaller)
  • Installing latest version of Codeblocks and replacing MinGW by the latest version found online

Also here is my config (compiling is working alright):




System: Windows 7 Ultimate, x64 bit operating system

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I'm running Window 7 64-bit Home Premium, and CB Version 10.05 with MinGW. Did not have any problems starting the debugger when I selected menu Debug --> Start

The first two images you posted are identical to the ones on my computer. I was unable to locate the screen you posted in the third image.

Have you ever been able to use the debugger with Windows 7 on your computer?

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Yes, I was able to start the debugger before. It worked alright, it's not Windows 7's fault.

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