i have an insert function:

template <typename T>
void insert(T item)
string T_id = typeid(T).name();
int compare;

if(T_id == "char *")
compare = stricmp(this.item, item);
compare = this.item < item;

// ... insert here

i'm trying to compare numbers,strings,classes but when T is <char*> i guess i have to use stricmp
instead of comparing with <,> when i compile this it's giving me an error at "compare = stricmp(this.item, item);"
if T is not <char*> how do i get around this or ignore stricmp when T is not char * ... hope this makes sense

It really helps if you tell us what error message you're getting.

since the result of line 12 sets variable compare to either true or false, then I would think you would want the result of line 8 to be similar, e.g. compare = stricmp(this.item, item) < 0;

error C2664: 'stricmp' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'Employee' to 'const char *'

in this case... i have a class Employee which i have overloaded the operator< . if i comment out compare = stricmp(x,y) and just use compare = x < y it works. but the reason for stricmp is if T is <char *>

error C2664: 'stricmp' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'float' to 'const char *'

here i changed the type from Employee to float

what i'm trying to do is:

if type is (char *)
use stricmp
use operator<

what i'm stuck at is when I use other types that stricmp can't work with ie. classes, float, double the compiler complains about the stricmp call.

dragon: i did use compare = stricmp(this.item,item) < 0 ? 1 : 0