plz solve this problem

Consider the ADT set that represents a collection of integers. The ADT should support standard set operations:

S = init();
/* Initialize S to the empty set */

/* Return true if and only if S is the empty set */

/* Return true if and only if S contains only one element */

/* Return true if and only if a is a member of the set S */

S = addElement(S,a);
/* Add the element a to the set S. If a is already in S,
there will be no change, else a new element is to be inserted. */

S = delElement(S,a);
/* Remove the element a from the set S. No change if a is not
a member of S. */

S = union(U,V);
/* Assign to S the union of the sets U and V */

S = intersection(U,V);
/* Assign to S the intersection of the sets U and V */

S = difference(U,V);
/* Assign to S the set difference U - V */

S = symmDiff(U,V);
/* Assign to S the symmetric difference (U - V) union (V - U) */

/* Print the elements of the set S */

Implement the set ADT using dynamic arrays. You will need to use realloc to change the size of an array that was dynamically allocated earlier.

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plz solve this problem

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