I want to know what is "Vector for the buckets in hash table".
I gathered data and stored into hash table.
And I want to know how to convert hash table buckets into Vector.
If you guys have source, It would be helpful or theory, also welcomed.

Thanks you in advance.

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>I want to know what is "Vector for the buckets in hash table".
My assumption would be someone wants you to write a chained hash table using vectors instead of the more traditional linked list. The end result is an array of vectors, where the array index is your hash table, and all values that has to the same index are stored in a vector.

Of course, when you ask an incoherent question, you shouldn't expect much of an answer in return.


I was looking up some things about vectors today. In fact I was actually able to make a program that uses vectors (and actually works correctly!) with the help of two sites: vector and this one from Wiki, so maybe this will be helpful to you as well.

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