I have been working on an Picture adjusting/cropping/resizing/emailing app. Its concept is pushed toward looking similar to Adobe Lightroom, in that none of the adjustments affect the original images, and all the adjustments are reversible and appear on the main screen as a sidebar. The goal of the app it to make it easy to select a group of pictures, perform some simple adjustments, contrast brightness red eye, ect. then add them to a export list, then set the destination size for all the images to be resized to, a dest format, and naming scheme, then have it export the images and optionally adding them to a zip file and emailing them.

I tell you that, and ask you this. I can't seem to find a catchy professional sounding name for the app. All the names i come up with are already taken. So if anyone can toss out some suggestions, I would appreciate it.

I though of DigIDev, or DIDev (Digital Image Development Studio)
but both short names belong to internet companies. Everything else I think of just sounds dumb


Picture processing.

That's a good possibility Dan. Thanks for the suggestion. PicPro belongs to a photography studio, and inversely, picpro is also a Compiler app, Pict-Pro isn't in use, but is close to the latter. So i will continue to look, but It does seem to be a viable solution, that I may end up using, Thanks.