Stupid question, I'm sure: For an assignment I need to create a program that uses methods and constructors in several other classes... the classes were in a file that I unpacked and put in the same directory as the one I'm writing is in. What do I need to do so that I can call other methods/constructors from those classes and get my program to compile without telling me it can't find them??

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If they aren't part of the same package then lets say you have a class called OtherClass in a package called other. Then you would need to add the following statement to the top of the class you wanted to use OtherClass from:

import other.OtherClass;

Then you would be able to do something like

//in some method:
OtherClass object = new OtherClass();

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You'll also face problems importing those classes if they were compiled into packages and you have unpacked them into a different directory structure.

edit: Just to elaborate a bit, in the example BJSC posted above, the compiler would expect "OtherClass" to be found in a directory named "other".

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