Hi all. I am doing a project with visual basic 2008, i'm using c++ windows form.
i have a question about the code for this particular button, where i wan tis button click to be link to another folder.
For example, when clicking this button [btnDownload], it will open the folder name Download in Local Disk C. I would like to get the complete code for this button if it's possible.

if i dont make my question cleary, please point it out.
anyhelp is welcome, thx.

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When the user clicks the button do you want a Save dialog box to pop up so they can name the file or what do you want to happen?


when clicking the button, i want it to appears like i double click the Download folder itself, mean it will opens the folder and show wat is inside the folder.
u get wat i mean?


I know what you mean. I found this (it's in C# but can be converted to C++/CLI) to make a (File) Explorer setup in your program. It's fairly lengthy but if that's what you need you can probably whittle it down a bit.Strangely enough there's not a built in widget for this kind of thing you are describing, at least AFAIK.

My first thought was to just use a SaveFileDialog. It will show you what's there already and you can filter by extension and such. If your folder is a "downloads" you need to pick where to save something anyway, right?

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thank you so much jonsca.
i will consider to change it to a save dialog box if the previous way i mentioned is too troublesome.

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